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Snowman Ornament.

I saw something similar to this at the mall and decided to come home and recreate it. It is really easy. Paint a popsickle stick white and let it dry. Cut out a hat and glue it on the stick. Use sharpies to "paint" the eyes, mouth, buttons, and carrot nose. You could use paint if you wanted, but I thought using a sharpie was pretty easy. Finally, I added the ribbon scarf and hanger. Oh, I also wrote "Alex 2009" on the back even though I pretty much made this one on my own. He did choose the ribbon.

Santa Hat Ornament.

The idea for this ornament came from a website and I cannot find it. If it was your website I was looking at, let me know. I would love to give you credit for your idea.

To make the Santa ornament simply paint three popsicle sticks red and allow them to dry. Glue them together in the shape of a triangle. Next, I glued cotton balls onto the sticks to make the "fur" on Santa's hat. Next I attached a picture and placed a triangle shaped piece of red paper over the back of the ornament. I glued a ribbon to hang the ornament and wrote "Alex 2009" on the back with a sharpie.

I also really like the idea for this Santa ornament here. And this reindeer idea is cute too. Maybe we should try a snowflake ornament. So many cute ornament ideas.