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Visitor Recap

Alex and I picked Brandi and Maddex up at the airport on Tuesday. I didn't have time to get everything done before picking them up. Their flight was an hour early, so I did not get a chance to get a balloon for Maddex. Luckily, I was leaving an hour early to run some errands and checked their flights arrival time before I left. I was really surprised to see that they were going to land in 12 minutes. Luckily I don't live too far from the airport. We relaxed most of the day, but we did walk to the park to play.

Alex hanging out in a basket before we left.

On Wednesday, we went to the mission and to the desert museum. We didn't get to walk around the entire museum/zoo since we showed up around lunch time. Maddex was pretty hungry so we at lunch at the cafe.


Thursday we decided to go for a swim. The water felt great. We also went to the Pecan Factory and bought a pecan pie.

Maddex in the pool.

Friday we did not do a whole lot. Alex wasn't feeling well, so we took him to the doctor (he is okay now). We also missed our appointment for pictures. We were going to have photos taken of Maddex and Alex. Unfortunately, the picture appointment was at 10:30 and the doctor was able to fit Alex in at 10:00. We could have rescheduled, but Alex would not have been up to it.

Saturday was their last day here (they actually left in the afternoon). So, we decided to go to The International Wildlife Museum. Maddex had a great time running around and pointing to all of the animals.

Alex & Maddex.jpg

We came back home, had a quick lunch, and them dropped them off at the airport. We have spent most of the day getting things in order.