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New Year's Resolution Revisited

Since the year is almost over, I decided to take a look back at my New Year's Resolution post to see how I am doing. Hopefully, this will also kick my behind into gear to finish off my list. Okay, here we go.

1. Organize Stamps - um...cricket noise in background...this is on my list for this month
2. Finish 2008 Scrapbook - complete
3. Lose Baby Weight - can we just move on to the next number?
4. Do A 365 Scrapbook - this one isn't going to happen. I lost my motivation when I lost my camera.
5. Make at Least One Christmas Present Per Month - complete
6. Update Alex's Baby Book - I did do this, but now I need to do it again.
7. Unpack/Organize House ( I would LOVE to complete this by the end of February) - complete
8. Landscape Back Yard - complete

Okay, so overall not too bad. I just need to do numbers 1 and 6...we aren't talking about 3.


Thank you for the word of encouragement on my blog Friday. it meant a lot.
you seem to be doing well on your resolutions! Way to go!

What do you mean you still have baby weight to lose?! You looked FREAKING FANTASTIC in Myrtle Beach!!!!!!!

You are good! I completed 2 things that I had been putting off...a trip to the dentist and to the dermatologist. I was so happy to get those over with. I need to get more organized with everything else though!

Hope you are doing well. Has Alex started school yet??

Hope your week is good. :)

Nicole - Thanks!

Nicolle - Yes, he started last Monday.