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Christmas Pillows

Our front room needed a punch of color for the holidays, so I decided to cover the brown pillows on our brown chairs. Don't get me wrong, I love both the brown pillows and the brown chairs, but I want to brighten them up a little bit for the holiday season.

Brown chair with brown pillow.

Brown chair with Christmas "Package" Pillow.

These are really easy to make. Cover your pillow with your choice of material. My cover is removable since I am only going to be using the package pillows for about a month out of the year. I used a burgundy, but if you are happy with the color of your pillows, just skip this step and go right to the ribbon.

Next, using ribbon, wrap your pillow up like a package and tie with a bow. I used 3 yards of ribbon for each pillow, but the amount of ribbon needed (as well as material to cover your pillow) will vary depending on the size of the pillow. So, make sure and measure ahead of time.

If you don't want to sew a cover, you could literally wrap your pillow in the material and use the ribbon to hold everything together.

Pillow closeup.


Gabe even made a comment that they look like $50 pillows. The cost was around $6.00 with $4.00 of that being ribbon. If I would have waited, our grocery store had the ribbon for $2.00, but I never thought to shop for ribbon at our grocery store. Oh well. I am pleased with the way that they turned out. My photography skills just don't do the pillows justice. Oh, and yes, that is a pumpkin.