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Fall/Birthday Pictures

I decided to try a different studio for Alex's pictures. This was not due to being unhappy with the studio I currently use, but more because of a good deal. Alex was not cooperative at this new place. He just didn't seem to like the photographer as much our normal lady. I ordered a few pictures. I will not have them back for a while, but I do have the CD. It was cheaper to order pictures and the CD as compared to just ordering the CD and printing my own pictures. The two below are the best ones. He was crying in the rest and you can even see the tears rolling down his cheeks. Gabe and I are still debating, but we might go back to our regular studio on Wednesday.




I forgot to comment on these pictures. I think they are just darling!

ps...I had heard about the stick horses on another blog. Have been watching for them, and ours just got some in. They are really great and I think they will hold up well. Boyd won't put them down! :)