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Hard Rock Cafe

We did go to the seafood buffet last night. The deserts were very yummy. After dinner we ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. We came back to the house and had a Wii Party. We played Mario Party 8 and I won by 7 coins.

Esther & Tony.JPG
Esther & Tony

Alex & Maddie.JPG
Alex & Maddie

This morning we went to Broadway at the Beach. There is a Kiss Coffeehouse that Andrew was really looking forward to seeing. We walked around the 1.5 mile loop of restaurants and shops. I found Alex a book to commemorate our vacation. We had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe and I had Twisted Mac and Cheese. This was the neatest Hard Rock I have been to. It was shaped like a pyramid and the inside was Egyptian in theme. After lunch we walked around a little more. We are currently watching Beowulf and we are heading out to the beach soon.

Gabe, Stephanie, Alex at Kiss Coffeehouse.JPG
KISS Coffeehouse

Alex & Caden at Ben & Jerry's.JPG
Alex & Caden

Stephanie & Twisted Mac 'n Cheese.JPG
Stephanie with Twisted Mac 'n Cheese

Hard Rock.JPG
Inside Hard Rock