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Paper Sale

We picked up my car on Wednesday evening. Friday, Alex and I ran most of the errands that I wanted to do on Wednesday. This included picking up the rest of the stuff that we needed for the party on Saturday. We had a good time at the party and the weather was nice enough to sit outside and enjoy the outdoor ceiling fans that Gabe installed. Today we did a little shopping. We bought a few supplies at Sam's and I hit up the paper sale at JoAnn. I really want a Cricut, but I can't justify the cost (even though one version is $110 off right now at Michaels). I have been checking ebay and Amazon. I still can't decide.


I know that Barby has a cricut and she loves it. She just got it around Christmas time, I believe. Ask her about it if you have any questions! You guys could probably share cartridges since they're pretty pricey themselves!