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Friend Makin' Monday

We can all use new blog friends. So, go on over to My Chihuahua Bites and join in the fun. Here is this question for this week...who are your top five celebrity crushes?

Hmm...this is a toughie. I don't really have any celebrity crushes, but if you made me choose (in no particular order)...

*My list isn't necessarily about a physical crush. Maybe more a mental crush if that makes any sense.*

1. Sean Biggerstaff. He played Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter movies. Unfortunately, they cut his character in the films before he actually graduated.

2. Adam Lambert. There is just something about him.

3. Simon Cowell. I like him for his brutal honesty...and his accent.

4. Severus Snape. I know he is a character in the book, but like Adam, there is just something about him.

5. Robert Pattison. I am talking about the Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter) version. I know most people won't agree, but he just isn't my idea of Edward Cullen.

Three of the five are from Harry Potter and two are from American Idol, lol!


It will be fun this week to see how different our FMM lists are! I'm a HUGE American Idol fan, too!


I have to agree with Oliver Wood... almost put him on my list! And I agree that Rob Pattison made a much better Cedric than Edward!

I Love Simon!!! He is so stinkin' cute!!!! Love when he smiles! Great list, I didn't know all of them though, so I'll have to go look them up!

Have a great Monday!


I had to check your list out since you labeled it odd. You have a few good ones on there and this is such a subjective list, that's what makes this world so wonderful!

Have a great Monday!

Ooh, I LOVE Simon Cowell. And I agree...R.P. is sooo not my idea of Edward!

I would have to agree with Simon Cowell. There is just something about him...... :)

Great list! You must love the HP movies :-) Simon's attractive, but I can't get past his personality...

I didn't realize that the Cedric actor was the Twilight character. Way to monopolize on the teen films! :)

I have to agree w/ Adam. He is a cutie. Also, Simon does have that British appeal. I love listening to people with a British accent talk. I have to disagree w/ Rob not being a good Edward...he's the only Edward for me. ☺

Hope you have a great week!

I think I'm with you on Simon Cowell- I love to hear his comments more than anyone else!

Have a super week!


I love the Cedric Diggory version of RP better too!

Great list. I like Simon also. Have a great Monday.

Great list! I adore Adam and Simon too!

And I'm with you ~ Robert Pattison is so not who I pictured for Edward. But he is still fun to look at!

Have a wonderful Monday!

I am with you on Simon! Why do we like bad boys??

Thanks for sharing! Sheri

Hi there!
I liked your list. I love a man with an accent!


just curious - who would you like to see as edward? i hear a lot of people say that. I had seen robert as edward prior to reading the books so he's always been in my head.

thanks for participating!

Robert Pattinson is on my list too. YUM!!

Andrea - Good question. I don't know who I would have picked to portray Edward. I guess I will have to get back to you on that one. I will say that I always pictured Ellen Page as Bella though.

Great list! :-)

I totally agree with you about Rob Pattison not looking like Edward. Even though I have seen the movie and read the books, I can't put him in my head as Edward. My Twilight fanatic daughter didn't like the movie because of him. He did make a good Cedric though.