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Three Month Pictures

Yes, these are professional pictures. Yes, it is completely legal for me to post them on my blog. Yes, it did take me a while to post them (he is now 4 months old). Here are a few of our favorites.

Gabe Steph and Alex 3 Months.jpg
Gabe, Stephanie, and Alex (hmmm...doesn't look so great when I reduce the image quality to post on the blog.)

Alex Lounging 3 Months.jpg
Alex lounging around.

Alex Leaning 3 Months.jpg
Alex in his model pose.

Alex Pose 3 Months.jpg
Serious Alex

Alex Train 3 Months.jpg
Alex and his "ALEX" train. His onesie has "Alex" embroidered on it as well as a train, but it is hard to see in the posted pictures.

Gabe and Steph II 3 Months.jpg
The day we had Alex's pictures made also happened to be our fifth anniversary.

Gabe and Steph 3 Months.jpg
Gabe's favorite picture of the two of us.


Terrific photos of all of you!

Terrific photos of all of all of you!


Your little one is so cute!