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Ode to a Camera

Okay, this really isn't a poem about my camera, but it is a blog entry. I still have not found my camera. Gabe and I have come to the conclusion that it is truly lost. I am sad that I lost my camera for several reasons.

1. My memory card was in the camera and it had pictures on it that I had not copied onto my computer. Pictures of Alex were on the camera as well as our trip to Madera Canyon.

2. My camera was metal (not plastic) and it was awesome. I dropped it so many times and it just kept on working. There were quite a few close calls though.

3. It was my 2nd Anniversary gift from Gabe. I thought he was pretty clever in his gift choice. I needed a new camera and he bought one as my "paper" gift (the pictures are printed on paper).

4. I have been unable to take pictures for a few days now. I really like taking pictures and it seems there are awesome pictures to be had when one is without the means to catch that perfect photo opportunity.

5. I guess my 365 project will be without a few days.

I am pretty sure the camera had a good life :) Several of its pictures were featured on my blog and many family members and friends enjoyed them. It traveled to various places in and out of the US. Some of these places included Italy, Ireland, the Bahamas, Spain, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Hawaii.

I don't have a picture of my camera to post.

With my next camera I am taking a picture of a piece of paper with my contact information. I am going to put it directly on the camera and my memory card. Hopefully I will never lose my camera again, but if I do, maybe and honest person will find it and return it.


Bummer. I hate being without a camera. It seems that everything happens when you don't have a camera!! When our Sony broke this summer we luckily had our old camera to go back to for the interim. Hope you either find it or get a new one soon!

Oh, what a shame! Hope you find it!

We still have the images that you transferred to our camera in December (Alex, Festival of Lights, etc.), if you had not already printed or saved those images to your computer.

Can you believe this? I think I've lost mine too!! :(

Troy - Thanks, but luckily I saved those pictures to my computer.

Nicole - I bet our cameras are hanging out together somewhere.