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Goals Update

1. Finish the Christmas Cards Check! I even mailed them!
2. Mail the 6 packages (at least 3 of them). Three go to the post office and three are UPS. 1/2 Check...the post office was closed by the time I made it.
3. Pick up the entire house and laundry. Check!

My Goals for tomorrow.
1. Catch up on email.
2. Make a Menu
3. Grocery Shop
4. Mail USPS Packages

My Goals for Thursday
1. Update Magazine Addresses
2. Send my mom her recipes
3. Kohl's Cash (I apparently have $20)
4. Order Wedding present for a friend

I have always been a list maker, but now I am forced to accomplish my goals if I publish them on my website ;)

The dentist was okay. I still like my previous dentist better. It always feels weird to eat for the first time after a cleaning. It just seems wrong.

I meant to post this in my previous entry, but I didn't for some reason. So, I almost had to buy boxes to wrap Christmas presents, but I didn't. I became really creative. I used a Triscuit box, an Opti-Free box, a diced tomato box, and a corn box. These were in addition to some other boxes. Note to my family...just because your gift is in an Opti-Free box does not mean you are getting contact lens solution for Christmas.


I want CL solution! It's so flipping expensive!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. And your list has me totally inspired. :-)