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Alex did not have to get a shot on Wednesday. We decided to give it with the other shots at the 2 month appointment instead. Basically it is given with another shot, so if we had opted to have it at the 1 month appointment he would be getting and extra stick with the needle overall.

I managed to mail a couple of packages on Sunday. I believe the baby announcements were mailed on Sunday. I have been working on the Christmas cards and I believe I have around 7 left. Hopefully those will get mailed out today with the 6 packages that are hanging out in the family room.

So, my goals for today
1. Finish the Christmas Cards
2. Mail the 6 packages (at least 3 of them). Three go to the post office and three are UPS.
3. Pick up the entire house and Laundry.

My Goals for tomorrow.
1. Catch up on email.
2. Make a Menu
3. Grocery Shop

My Goals for Thursday
1. Update Magazine Addresses
2. Send my mom her recipes
3. Kohl's Cash (I apparently have $20)
4. Order Wedding present for a friend

We will see if I actually accomplish my goals. I will be really happy if I can get each day's goals completed. It is much harder to do things when Alex is awake.

I have to go to the dentist today...fun, fun, fun. That is going to be an adventure.

Oh, these packages that I am mailing require boxes and packing paper. The Christmas presents need boxes too. Well, when you move you have plenty of boxes and packing paper, right? Hmm...we threw ours out. The irony in the entire situation is we almost had to buy boxes and packing paper. I managed to scrounge some up from the packages that we have been receiving in the mail. I also started opening the boxes that managed to find their way into closest in search of packing paper. I found two sheets.


Good luck with your list! I know that I can't get anything done these days! :)

Well, its always helpful to have goals, hope you manage to get most of them done! I often have goals leftover that carry forward for several days!