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Gabe is downstairs giving the dogs a bath. I am upstairs with Alex (he is sleeping) trying to figure out if I want to go to an optometric conference next weekend to pick up a few CE credits. Initially, Gabe and I both decided that it would be too soon after having Alex to go, but now we both think it would be fine. I don't know, I am still undecided. I could just wait and go next year to the AOA conference in D.C. There is also a conference in March of next year in Australia. Australia sounds like a lot of fun. Hmm...I wonder if I could use my frequent flier miles for a free plane ticket. That makes Australia sound even more appealing. After I finish here I am going to do some research on the matter.

Just a few more days until the house is ours. We get to start moving in on November 18th. That also happens to be my mom's birthday. Gabe, Alex, and I went to look at the house on Thursday. Things are all in place. They have a few finishing touches before it is turned over to us. Mainly, they need to do some touch-up painting.

We watched Journey to the Center of the Earth last night. It was really good. I was surprised at just how much I liked the movie. It kept me entertained and the time just flew by while watching the movie.

Alex and Computer.jpg

Alex working on the computer.


Hey Guys! Congrats on moving into the new house soon! How's Alex sleeping? Is he allowing you to get any rest? How's he doing with feedings? Are you breast or bottle feeding? Hope you're all doing well. I will try to give you a call sometime this week!