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Well, I didn't like the crust on the pot pie. Next time I might try adding mainly all-purpose flour and a little wheat. It just wasn't my cup of tea.
Wednesday Gabe and I went to Peoria. He had a business meeting and later in the day we all went out for dinner at Granite City. The garlic mashed potatoes were yummy. Anna (Gabe's mom) and I had an excellent lunch at Pita's Mediterranean Wraps. I love Gyros. One thing that I am going to miss about the Chicagoland area is Greektown. So far it seems that this entire entry is about food.
Our washer and dryer were delivered on Saturday. It is the set that we are taking with us to Arizona. Basically, we are just trying to get everything done for our move. For every one thing I mark off of the list I think that three more go on the list.


The one thing that I miss the most about Chicago is definitely the food. I miss Pancho's, the yummy sandwiches that I got at the Bourgeois Pig across the street from Children's, Duck Walk on Belmont, Peking Chinese on Halsted, and the pizza place we went to on Broadway. Mmmm...