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Today we drove through more of Illinois as well as Missouri and Arkansas. The Missouri rest area where we stopped had a really neat automatic hand washer/dryer. You hold your hands under the sensor and it squirts soap out, then warm water, and finally a dryer comes on to dry your hands. You just stand there with your hand in the same spot. It was kind of cool.

Automatic hand washer/dryer (the picture doesn't do it justice).

The trip has been uneventful except the truck is packed full and the story below.
Gabe made the reservations for all our hotels about a week or two ago. He called each one instead of making the reservation online to verify each hotels pet policy. Well, this particular hotel stated that there was a $50 pet fee charged per room, not per pet. Gabe said that was fine and went ahead and booked the room. We pulled in the parking lot today and Gabe went inside to check in while I waited in the truck with the dogs. He came back out and said that they don't allow pets, but he was the third person this week to say they were told they could pay an additional fee and have pets stay in the room. So, Gabe and I think that the night people and the day people have different pet policies. Anyway, we found another hotel, not even a mile away. Everything is fine. Off to Texas tomorrow.