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Still Cleaning

We are back from our excursion and working on the house again. I am taking a short break from going through socks and shoes to find donations. I have to finish putting some things away and then clean the last two bedrooms. The only bad thing about my cleaning plan is that now all of the rooms that I cleaned initially need to be cleaned again. I just haven't had time lately to clean the entire house once a week. Oh well. It will get done when I get to it. If I can just finish putting things away and clean the two rooms I will only have two rooms left to tackle. The last two are going to be the biggest challenge, so I think that I will wrangle Gabe in the process. He is currently putting up a couple of closet doors. Back to cleaning for me. Once we are finished I am going to see if I can talk him into watching 27 Dresses with me.