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Last night I finished the two bedrooms that needed attention. Now we are down to the two rooms that need the most help, the garage, and the back yard. I started working on the floor in one of the rooms. The individuals that lived there before us didn't see a need to clean the mortar after applying it to the ceramic tile floors. Rather than replace the entire floor, I decided just to "clean up" the floor that we already have. So, that means scraping off the mortar. I worked on it a little while last night while Gabe worked on the closet doors. We decided to watch a movie before either of us were finished. We ended up watching 27 Dresses. It was not as good as I expected. The idea itself was cute, but the movie was too cheesy for me. I have a feeling that tonight holds even more mortar scraping in my future.


Once you finish fixing up your house, want to come do ours?

Heck, I don't even want to finish mine. Unfortunately, I don't get a choice!