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Only 7 more rooms to go (three bedrooms, the kitchen, the laundry room, the den, and the large room without a purpose). In addition to the rooms, the garage needs to be cleaned out as well as the front and back yard, plus the windows and floors. I think I am going to buy some flowers to plant in a planter at the front of the house. I meant to do it today, but the time just seemed to get away from me. In addition to the flowers, I am going to attempt to tackle the laundry room and the kitchen tomorrow. The rooms that are left just have a lot of stuff that I need to go through. Maybe I will be finished with the house by the end of May. The garage may go over into June.
Gabe and I watched the episode of Scrubs. I can't believe that next week is the finale. Now we are watching Ugly Betty. After that who knows. I might even do the laundry room tonight. I know I certainly need to do some laundry.


I don't think that next week is the finale. I read that ABC bought 18 more episodes for next year. (They're on NBC now) So, cross your fingers that they'll be around for another season!