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Three rooms of the house have been completely cleaned and organized (minus windows). I am going to clean the windows after the rest of the house is clean. Only 11 more rooms to go, plus hallway closets, the garage, and the front and back yards. I was feeling like I was making major progress, but now after writing the previous sentences, I have a lot left to do. What am I doing writing a blog entry? I need to be cleaning!
We watched American Idol last night. I don't think that Brooke should have been sent home this week. She should have had one or two more weeks on the show. I really think that it should have been Jason Castro and he wasn't even in the bottom two. I used to be a fan of Jason's, but he hasn't "done it" for me these past few weeks. On the other hand, David Cook keeps growing on me. I think it might just come down to the two Davids.
Well, my floor should be dry, so I am going to get back to working. I need to put a rug down and another bathroom is calling.