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American Idol Results

Gabe and I are watching American Idol. I did not care for Amanda's performance. It wasn't bad, but she seems the same each week. Kristy was Kristy. I look for her to go home very soon. David A. Is a favorite of mine, but this week he was just ok. I really liked Michael and this week he was just ok. I thought that the judges were a little hard on Brooke. She is one of my favorites too. I was not a big fan of David Cook in the beginning, but he is really growing on me. I think that Carly did a great job with her song, but I didn't actually like the song itself. Go little blackbird. Jason has seemed to give good performances week after week. He has really pretty eyes. In the words of Randy (from other performances) I just wasn't feeling Syesha. Chikezie never was on of my favorites, but last week I thought that his performance was stellar. This week was back to the old Chikezie for me (the one that I didn't like). Ramiele's song choice wasn't one of my favorites, but she seemed to have fun performing...much more than last week.
Now on to the results show (we record them and watch the performances and the results on the same night).
On a side note, I am really getting tired of Paula's babbling though she did seem to sober up near the end of the show.
Kristy should have went home and Carly should not have been in the bottom three. At least Carly was "safe".
Last night we watched Dancing with the Stars and Kristi is still my favorite.
We watched License to Wed yesterday. It is about a couple getting ready to get married that must past a series of "tests" played by Robin Williams' character. It was ok, but it was not as funny as I had hoped.
I recently finished reading 7th Heaven by James Patterson. It is part of the women's murder club series. It is a pretty good read, but I would suggest starting with the first book. I also finished Heart Sick by Chelsea Cain. It is about a cop that is tormented by a killer while trying to solve murders.
Well, off to do some laundry.