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500th Entry

This is my 500th entry! Woo hoo!
Thursday Gabe and I went to my parent's house to pick up the dogs. There was major flooding going on in Southern Illinois. A lot of the road were closed off and water was up to the roofs of some buildings. Cars were completely submerged. Apparently the water came so quickly that people didn't have time to move their cars. People were being evacuated in boats. My town was not affected too much. Some roads were covered in my town, but I think that most houses were fine. My town had the only open grocery store, so they were busing people to the store in my town to buy food.
Because I had to work on Saturday, our visit had be cut short. So, we had Easter dinner on Thursday. I also dyed Easter eggs Thursday and I managed to talk Gabe into helping a little.
We came back from 70 degree weather to snow. I think that the dogs wanted to go back.
We finished watching the second season of Grey's Anatomy. We are now on the second episode of the third season. We have also watched a couple of movies. My Super Ex-Girlfriend is about a guy that is dating a neurotic super hero. It was not as funny as I had hoped. We watched How to Eat Fried Worms. It was a cute movie. Today we watched I Know Who Killed Me. There is a killer preying on young girls. One of the girls is found alive and she claims that she is not the girl they claim she is. Definitely not the movie that I expected. There were some odd plot twists.
I am still working on placing our Spain pictures together in a book. I am hoping to get it done this week. I wanted to have it all finished by the time we went to get the dogs, but that just didn't happen. I am also in the process of making our April menu. I need 10 more dinners and then I can start making the grocery lists for the month.


Just as an fyi, it snowed in Southern Illinois on Easter too. Wacky weather.