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A public school in Australia is requiring students through Year 6 to wear sunglasses while outdoors during recess. I think that this is a great idea, as long as the sunglasses actually have the appropriate UV protection and are not just "cosmetic sunglasses". Though other factors can contribute to ocular conditions, I wonder if this group will continue to wear sunglasses outside of school and possibly see a decrease in macular degeneration and an older age of onset of cataracts...hmmm.


I would hope that they'd be smart enough to have them be UV protective. Especially since they're enacting this new law they're probably not just doing it for cosmetic reasons. Just think of all those small kids playing with, and breaking their sunglasses... all for no reason at all!

I hope that they do require them to have UV protection. Unfortunately, I have found that many people do not realize that unless the sunglasses say they have UV protection, they might not. Those 99 cent grocery store sunglasses may help to keep out the light, but they may not truly protect your eyes. I was really surprised that a lot of the sunglasses for little kids don't offer UV protection. I found this out while looking for a baby gift for a friend that lives in Trinidad. I found a pair that did...at Target.