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Things have been busy lately. This whole house/moving stuff is taking up a ton of time. There are the normal errands plus a lot of extra. My "to do" list has 30+ things on it and I am attempting to finish at least 15 of them today (I wish). Wednesday Gabe and I decided to do something fun together. We went to the Elmhurst Art Museum. There was a pretty impressive water colors exhibit featuring several local artists. Thursday night we went to Hollywood Boulevard and watched Superbad. They were having an advanced showing and the tickets were free. We decided that we had to eat anyway, so why not watch a movie while eating. I wouldn't rush out to see the movie on its release (I think August 17th)...I would say that the movie was on par with its title. The weekend was a lot of "trying to get stuff done". I am going to try to knock off a couple of more things before Gabe gets home.