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Thursday I didn't get much done...unless sleeping counts. We went to Hollywood Boulevard and watched Pirates of the Caribbean: at Worlds End. It was pretty good. I still don't think that it is good as the first Pirates movie, but not a disappointment. Yesterday I managed to catch up with the laundry and get a few things done (groceries were a must). Once Gabe returned home from work we went out to eat with Emily and Rob. Afterwards, we helped them pack. They are moving to Southern Illinois today. We should be able to visit with them when we visit my family. They are coming back next week for three days and we are going to dinner again. I must say that both Emily and I were very impressed with both Rob and Gabe's packing skills. They fit more in a moving truck than I thought would be possible. Today we have been taking it easy. We rented some movies and I had my glasses adjusted at the site of my last rotation. I would do it, but I don't have the tools and I didn't want to mess up my new frames. We went to Elm Fest downtown. Then we came back and watched Thr3e (it is not that great of a movie) followed by The Groomsmen. Basically, Gabe said we were 0 for 2 at picking out movies today. I thought that The Groomsmen was a comedy, but I was wrong. I am not sure what we are doing tonight. There may be a little Wii in our future (he just received a new game - Mario Party 8). There has been some exciting news...Gabe and I picked a tomato on Wednesday and today. Now I will hopefully have some bell peppers soon.