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Things are Getting Better in HI (May 28, 2007)

My luggage was delivered sometime during the night, but I am not sure what time. Gabe and I were both in bed when they called to tell us that the airline had delivered it to the hotel. I asked Gabe if he tipped the guy and he said that he did not because the person just kept apologizing and basically ran away. Either way about it, I now have clothes. My foot still hurts and walking is not enjoyable at this point, but I am determined to do things on this vacation. At least the swelling has gone down some. Just a helpful hint to those of you out there, when in the ocean, wear water shoes. If I go back in again during this vacation, I know I will be wearing them. We decided to drive around the western portion of the island today. We drove up to the North shore and on the way we stopped at the Dole Plantation. We took a tour and tried Dole Whip. It is basically a pineapple sorbet and it made the trip to the Dole Plantation worth it. It was delicious. We were on our way to have lunch at a burger joint that the doctor from yesterday recommended. On our way there something smelled incredible. I told Gabe maybe it was the place that we were going to, but when we walked inside, it wasn't. So, we walked to a place where some table and chairs had been set up and they were selling rotisserie chickens that they were cooking right there. We were the only non-locals eating the chicken, but boy was it good. Afterwards we stopped at a grocery store called Matsumoto's for some shave ice. The retinal specialist that I worked with at my last rotation recommended it (he is from Oahu). It was spectacular. So far the food had been really good today. We finished driving around the western side of the island and made our way back to our hotel in time to get ready for our luau tonight. It was at the Royal Hawaiian and appropriately called the Royal Hawaiian Luau. I loved the loa loa (shredded pork). The entertainment was great. There were hula dancers and dances from other Pacific islands were represented (this was considered a Polynesian luau). The fire dancer was interesting. Even though it sounds like bad things keep happening, we are having a good time in between the bad events. The internet here has been slightly flaky, so there has been a slight delay in some posting of entries.