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Eastern Oahu (May 29, 2007)

We actually did a lot today. Walking is still painful, but I don't want to sit around the hotel all day. I just walk really, really slow. Actually, last night I was passed by a woman that was walking with a cane. Yes, I am walking that slowly at this point. Today we had breakfast at the buffet in our hotel (we did yesterday as well). It comes with the room. We hopped in our rental car and headed out to the east side of the island today. We drove on the Pali Highway and went to Nuuanu Lookout. There are cliffs there were several hundred warriors were forced to jump after a defeat. We continued driving and stopped off at a few places to take a few pictures. After driving around, we refueled at Zippy's. The retinal specialist from my last rotation recommended it as well as the Iolani Palace. Once again, we were dining in a location where we were the only non-locals present. It is actually kind of cool. We went to Iolani Palace after Zippy's. FYI: Iolani Palace is the only once functioning palace in the United States that housed royalty. Next we headed off to Foster Botanical Garden. After walking the grounds, my food had had enough. We came back to our hotel and relaxed a while. Then we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. If you are a regular reader of my blog, or you know me well, you will know what I ordered...Twisted Mac and Cheese...yumo! After dinner, we drove around Waikiki and to Diamond Head Park. Now we are back at our hotel room sitting on the lanai looking at the ocean and watching the sunset. I think that we are going for ice cream in a little while. I think that we are going to try walking. Gabe keeps me on pain killers regularly since the sea urchin incident. The doctor offered to give me some prescription medication for the pain when I went to see him, but he said that they would be pretty expensive. I told him that I would just take Advil. It makes it tolerable. We are having a good time and the weather here is wonderful. I have talked to a few of the locals and they say the weather is always this nice with a few days of rain here and there. Gabe actually said that he wouldn't mind having a vacation home here. With what we are paying for hotels, I think the vacation home would pay for itself. Well, off for some ice cream. It is only 7:30 p.m. here.