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Today we arrived in Jamaica. Our experience in the island was not what I expected. It is a very lush and green island. All of the locals that we encountered were very nice. I think that their favorite expression is "yeah mon...no problem." "Irie" is a close second. We went to Walkerswood Spice Factory. It was really neat to see how they make jerk seasoning. We even sampled jerk chicken and pork. We also took a tour through their factory where they produce hot sauce and guava jam. On our way to the next stop, Wassi Art, we drove through an area called Fern Gully. It is part of the rain forest and quite a few vendors are located on the side of the road. At the Wassi Art Pottery Works, we went on a factory tour and saw how they make their pottery from the beginning to the end of the process. We stopped at a stand of vendors on the way back and purchased a pair of masks. Next, we went to The Ruins. It is a plantation that has been converted to the likes of a botanical garden. We stopped off for some shopping (I bought a Christmas ornament). We came back, had dinner, and went to bed.