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Fun Day at Sea

Today was another day at sea. We had breakfast and went to the very exciting debarkation talk. We walked around the ship and managed to find the running track. I am sorry to say that I never ran around it. We also found the mini-golf course on the ship. We went to the art auction in the afternoon. We watched Marie Antoinette before the auction. The ending was not what I expected (I will not say any more than that in case some of you still have plans to watch it.) Our luggage has been packed and has been picked up by the room steward. We met Andy and Jennifer and watched a game show where the guys went up against the girls. It was a tie, but I think that the girls were ripped off. next we watched a game similar to the board game Balderdash. Finally, there was a show where the "winners" from karaoke performed. Some of the performers were better than others, but they were all entertaining. Afterwards we talked with Andy, Jennifer, Richard, and Trista. They stayed to watch a comedy show, but we are going to bed. Back to the cold tomorrow.