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Red Rock

Yesterday evening Gabe and I arrived in Las Vegas. We arrived around 11:30 p.m. so we grabbed the rental car, checked in to the hotel (the Luxor), and went to sleep. We did pull a Rachael Ray on the plane ride to Vegas. I chatted it up with a local about places to go and places to eat. She recommended Red Rock, which made me very happy because I really wanted to go there. She also mention Binion's, a hotel in downtown Vegas, or as like to call it, Old Vegas. We drove our rental car the 20 miles to Red Rock. We went on a few trails and snapped a few shots of the scenery. Overall, getting out of the city and walking around with burros and rocks was pretty enjoyable. We tried a taco place called Del Taco. I wanted Tack Bell (no big surprise), but Gabe wanted to try something new. I had the Dan special...a taco and a burrito. Good, but not quite as good as Taco Bell. We went back to the hotel and walked along the strip. While walking along the strip we purchased tickets to Mamma Mia. The show was great. Afterward we went back to the casino. I put one dollar in a slot machine and it came out two, so I quit. I put another dollar in a slot machine and it came out a buck sixty, so I quit. I am $1.60 richer.