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Meson Sabika

Today was fairly productive. I sent out some emails that really needed to be done. We ran a few errands here and there. We just returned from one of my favorite restaurants...Meson Sabika. It is a Spanish restaurant with very yummy mushrooms, olives, and dates wrapped in bacon, yes that is right, dates wrapped in bacon. I actually would have never tried the bacon wrapped dates but on a trip about a year ago with Tony, Maren, Travis, and Gabe, Travis really wanted to give them a try. Everyone at the table loved them. So, today we ordered food and picked it up and went to the park and ate with Gabe's dad, mom, and sister. We tried to get reservations, but the restaurant was booked for the evening. The park was really nice. If the weather had held out for us we might have explored the park a little more. Maybe Gabe and I can go back some day.


I love that restaurant. Let me know if you ever need an excuse to go!