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On My Way to the Bahamas!

Today started at 6:00 a.m. We met my dad to take Elsa and Clara to him while we are on vacation. We came back and walked to Tony & Maren's and then we all walked to the train station together. We missed our train by a minute and waited another 15 minutes for the next train to come along. Once at the airport we checked in and waited for our flight. Once in the Bahamas, we took a $22 taxi ride the three miles to our hotel (Sandyport Beach Resort). Click here for pictures of the resort. We initially crossed four lanes of traffic to get to the beach. Walking around the resort we realized we didn't have to cross the highway to get to the beach, there is a walkway under the highway that leads to the Sandyport Beach, and we met Al. Al runs Runaway Boat tours. Though he didn't sell us any tours, he did manage to sell us on his mom's restaurant, Nettie's Place (this is what I would consider to be a Rachael Ray find-getting advice from the locals). We tried conch...I didn't like it. The turkey sandwich and fries were good though. The walk back to the resort was nice and on the way we stopped at the gas station to buy water. Tony doesn't like the taste of the tap water and I don't even drink the tap water in Chicago, so we both bought a gallon. So far everyone is nice. The weather is much better than Chicago's weather right now.