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Lazy Bahamian Sunday

Today the weather was bright and sunny, not a rain cloud in site. The 80's that we experienced in the Bahamas today was much nicer than the rainy, gloomy 40's that we left in Chicago. The day started with a bus ride to Cable Beach. We stayed on the beach for several hours. I decided to rent a raft. It was $5.00 per hour, so I decided against renting one. The bad news is that I was informed that the beach chairs we were using were also $5.00. So, we were demoted from the beach chairs to the beach towels for reading. Gabe and I rented a jet ski. He used his smooth talking skills to reduce the price from $70 to $30. Gabe had never been on a jet ski before. I have once before in Florida. It was a lot of fun, but I forgot how much salt water in the eye stings. We swam for a while afterward. Both Gabe and Maren spent a little too much time in the sun and came back from the beach a little "well done". We went back to the room to change and place aloe on burns and then headed out again. Bus rides are really cheap, only $1.00 per person. They are essentially a cab. They pick you up anywhere and drop you off anywhere. We went to the straw market where the vendors are a little too pushy for my taste. Lunch was at Hard Rock Cafe (my choice - I love the Twisted Mac and Cheese). We walked around town and came back to the room and went to the beach near our hotel. I now have a sea glass collection thanks to Gabe. Afterwards we walked to the gas station, yes, very exciting. We purchased a deck of playing cards and a 2-liter of Pepsi ($2.50-ouch). We came back to the room and ordered Domino's. I must say that they do not put nearly enough sauce on their pizza. Then Tony, Gabe, and I watched an episode of Big Love...I don't suggest it.