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Strapped for Cash?

I thought that I had heard about everything...I guess not. Apparently a man in Appleton, WI decided to sell his 18 month old daughter for $7,000 to help fund his remodeling project.


Hey now... don't pick on the Wisconsin-ites. The family who was going to adopt the kid helped turn the seller into the police. They still want to adopt the boy, though. See, not all Wisconsin-ites are bad! :)

I wouldn't say they are so innocent for turning the guy in. They may have just been trying to get the baby for free rather than pay $7,000.

I wasn't picking on all Wisconsin-ites, just the idiot that was willing to sell his child for cash to remodel his home. ;) Actually, I don't even think that I picked on him until this comment. Besides, you know I like people from Wisconsin :)