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Happy Earth Day!

Today Gabe, Tony, and I are going to eat at the Hancock Building. To celebrate Earth Day, we will take the mass transit system instead of driving. Okay, we would take the train even if it wasn't Earth Day. Parking downtown is expensive and a pain. I do however recycle paper, plastic, and various metals. I attempted to find an Earth Day celebration downtown today. I was not successful. Apparently Chicago, keeping with its normal tradition of every other holiday, celebrated Earth Day early and not on the actual holiday.


Chicago actually celebrates Earth Day? You wouldn't think so, being that they don't make recycling mandatory. The so should. Chicago is a HUGE city and they don't demand recycling!? Anyway, hope you guys had fun!

I have a feeling that demanding anything from the citizens of this fine city would not result in much change. Chicagoans seem to do what they have always done and the police look the other way if it happens to be illegal.

There is a recycling program in Chicago. It is called the Blue Bag Program and Gabe and I participate. You are right though, unfortunately it is not mandatory. I believe that there is 20% particiption. Apparently it does make money for the city. Check it out...just click on "Recycling in Chicago", then "Chicago's Blue Bag Program."