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Scleral Depression

So, the scleral depression lab was yesterday. It really wasn't that bad...just a little uncomfortable. Though I have noticed that now things seem a "little uncomfortable" and before when I was not an optometry student and I was getting my yearly eye exams, some things just plain hurt. Like the drops that you put in don't sting or burn, instead you say that they just "tingle a little". Plus, I have had so many of them put into my eyes with all of the practicing that we do on each other, they really don't bother me anymore. Back to scleral depression...you dilate your patient and take a scleral depressor (a.k.a. metal stick) and press on the eyeball through the eyelid while looking into the eye with a BIO and a lens. You are looking for holes, tears, etc., in the retina. It is a little harder to do than it sounds until you get the hang of it. Gabe is getting an eye exam soon, so I told him if we weren't too busy in clinic I was going to practice scleral depression on him. By his reaction, he either thinks that I am kidding, or he isn't too thrilled with the idea. Could be a little of both. For those of you shaming me right now for saying that he is getting an eye exam soon, he said that I could put that on my blog. :)


I can't believe that Gabe hasn't made a comment on this one yet!

Gabe made it through having scleral depression practiced on him.