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April Fools Day!

Happy April Fools Day! Anyone pull any good pranks?


no, but I broke my freakin big toe!!!!

Did you go to the hospital?

no, just thought I would try to as "they say" man up. however i am enjoying the wonderful collection of blue and black colors, ever-changing.

Hey! It wouldn't be an April Fools if a joke wasn't at least said. Well, no joke was said but seeing that I had morning clinic on April Fools. A mother came in with 5 kids or was it 6. Anyways, her daughter was a blast to treat. When I was done i answered a whole bunch of questions for the mother letting her know what to look for as school work starts to increase...blah blah blah. ;D Anyways, when she was in the dispensary, I came out with a Colleague and told her that there was a mistake. An incorrect chart was used and that we'd have to do the full exam on her daughter again. She put her hand to her head in disbelief where upon I said,"April Fools!!!" She started to laugh with the daughter and 2 other kids standing around.

Shane, I forgot to tell you a good while back...you did not break your toe...just thought that you might like to know. ;)

Mike, at least she didn't start yelling. :)