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In addition to my normal Monday through Saturday schedule at school I managed to squeeze in a Sunday lecture. I just returned from the Contact Lens Symposium. While I was there I was beginning to wonder why I signed up, this was my seventh day in a row educating myself in the wonderful building where I seriously believe that I have left a permanent imprint of my behind in the seat. It turns out that the symposium was pretty fun and I did learn a lot, I just want a little time to relax. I would like to think that I will get it next weekend when I have off for Easter. Well, I guess that the thing that I really like the least is that I had to dress up everyday and I was only allowed to wear jeans on Monday. I realize that I have to dress up for the profession that I have chosen, but I would like more than one day to dress down. I love my jeans! I have stalled enough...I need to study for my neuro test on Tuesday.