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I Just Can't Get Enough...of the Post Office

Well, I had to send something media mail again today. They were some DVDs that were sold on Amazon. Due to my last adventure at the post office, and since Gabe was with me this time, I decided to let him mail the package. There is one thing that I have left out...the post office ladies LOVE Gabe. I have never seen so much flirting going on (the ladies, not Gabe). Needless to say, no one questioned what Gabe was actually mailing. I have noticed that a lot of ladies in our neighborhood like Gabe. There is a particular grocery store near our apartment, that when we go to the deli one of the workers hides in the back. Then another worker will help him and go back in the back room and say things like "You are right, he is cute. You should have helped him." Well, I will say one thing, the ladies of the neighborhood are much nicer when he is around.


Dude... that's funny. Make sure you get everything taken care of while Gabe is around... your life in Chicago will be much smoother! :)