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Spam and Filters

My school has set up a new filtering system on the school's email system. We are not allowed to filter our own email, they do it for us. So, initially I thought that it would be good to at least have some filter on the email that I received in the inbox. I was wrong. I now receive "Quarantine Reports". This means that I have to open the quarantine report to see if the email really is spam. It was so much easier when I could just look at the sender and click delete. Now I actually have to open an email to see if it should have been filtered out. I am getting spam of my spam! I have been tempted to delete all of the quarantine reports that I receive without opening them, but the first time I do, it will probably be an important email. So, as for now, I will continue to open the spam that I receive of my spam.


What? ICO confuses me sometimes! :)