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La La La La La La La La La La La

We just changed our T.V. package and we now get the Boomerang Channel. I just finished watching the Smurfs. It has been a really long time since I have seen them on T.V. I used to love the cartoon when I was little, and the theme song was so catchy...I would sing it for days. Great, now I am singing it. I remember collecting the figurines from the McDonald's Happy Meals when I was in gradeschool. As I was watching them this morning I was trying to figure out why Gargamel wants to rid the world of Smurfs. What would he do with all of his time if he succeeded? Chasing the Smurfs is pretty much the only thing that he does. I still can't figure out what the Smurfs did to make him dislike them so much. This morning the "Astrosmurf" episode was on. It was Dreamy Smurf's smurfday and his smurfday wish was to travel to space. So, Papa Smurf concocted an elaborate plan to make it look like he had landed on another planet. Well, the process to make things look like another planet was quite involved for the little Smurfs. As a result, they were continually asking Papa Smurf "are we there yet?" Papa Smurf became so irritated that he told them to "smurf off". Wow! I wonder what else I missed when I was watching the cartoon when I was 5. Maybe the Smurfs aren't as innocent as I once thought.


you are wierd, it is a cartoon show, nothing more!

I agree! The Smurfs were on Cartoon Network a few years back and I watched them a few times because I remembered loving them when I was little. The "smurf you's" get a bit out of control sometimes. I guess it's as simple as knowing more when you're older.
I've had to fight the urge to buy Fraggle Rock on DVD many times, I want to buy it because I loved it when I was little, but if I would watch it now I bet it would just be another Smurfs catastrophe. So, bottom line... it sucks to be old and no longer innocent!

I actually have a DVD with about three or four Fraggle Rock episodes on it. You should either come over and watch them or borrow the DVD.

at least your not the only wierd person, and thanks for finally letting me in on the conversations.

Nicole and I are not weird. The smurfs, though cute and blue, are the weird ones.

I wondered what was on Boomerang. I didn't know we got the Smurfs! Maybe we should record a few episodes...it could take the place of MXC.

gabe - that is just wrong, MXC is a classic, the smurfs are just class-less

Sometimes it's best just to remember those old cartoons. I remember watching the Justice League a few years ago when they ran some of the old ones on Cartoon Network. I can't believe I thought that was quality entertainment. ;)