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Foreign Body Removal

Since I know so many of you love hearing about optometry lab, I thought that I would fill you in on the lab from last week. Actually, it wasn't nearly as exciting as the Dilation and Irrigation lab from a few weeks ago. Let's see, foreign body removal...you get a foreign body in your eye and someone needs to remove it. It could be anything, even little specks of metal. So, before I can do it on a real patient, I practiced taking my forceps and golf club spud, yes that is the technical term, and removed many foreign bodies from a cup of jello designed to mimic the human cornea. We used a cup of jello, because I doubt that you could find many people willing to place a foreign body into their cornea so that we could remove it. Just in case I ever have to remove something from your cornea, I passed. We also did pressure patching. Basically, you tape some gauze over the eye in a particular way so that the patient cannot open their eye. Taking the tape off was the worst part. So, this lab wasn't that bad. Next week we all get dilated for the scleral depression lab...I have heard rumors that this one isn't pleasant, but I will let you know how it goes.


when you say pass, does that mean a, b, or C?

It is Excellent, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory. I received an Excellent on both.

Is this the whole E stands for Excellent thing, that all the bad dumb kids in grade school told everyone so they would seem smart.