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College Hoops

I tried my luck at the Yahoo Sports Tournament Pick'em for college basketball. I am not doing so well. The only team that I have left in the tournament is Villanova. The best that I can finish in my group is 24th. Next year I am going to pick the winning team based on which color of jersey I like better. My strategy of picking a team to win if there was an optometry school in the vicinity wasn't such a great idea this year.


evev a pro like myself didn't do all that well, thsts the funny thing about march madness.

Haha... that's funny! Isn't there an Optometry school near Fairfax, VA? That's where that crazy George Mason team is from. Andrew and I were listening to the Radio this morning and the DJ said someting like, Do you think anyone has a bracket anywhere near what it turned out to be? I said to Andrew, yeah, probably some girl who chooses her teams NOT based on seeds... That would be you Stephanie, jersey colors!! :)

I know some people who choose based on color of uniform, and some guys who choose based on how cute the cheerleaders are. Ironically enough, they're doing okay in the tournament. My bracket, unfortunately, is screwed.

I am definitely going to use team jersey colors to choose my teams next year.