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2011 Goals

A new year and new goals. Here we go...

1. Read the Bible (I think I have found a plan that will work better for me)
2. Stick to a Strict Budget
3. Run in a Race (April 2011)
4. Read 36 Books
5. Lose 10 Pounds (Hopefully goes along with #3)
6. Blog Weekly (at least)
7. Scrapbook Monthly
8. Monthly Family Game Night (Alex loves games)
9. Monthly Date Night (even if it is just watching a movie together on the couch)
10. Go through Credit Cards

This list isn't crazy and I can do it!


Yes, you can do it! :) Kevin put us on a strict budget last year. At first I fought it, but now I love it and it's almost become a challenge for me to stay under budget each month!

So far, so good!