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Alex is doing much better! He is back to his normal self.

The past week has been pretty busy. Last night a few of us went to play Bingo at a local casino. We didn't win anything, but we had a good time playing. This was Debbie's going away party. She is moving back to Illinois.

Alex and I also had lunch with her and her kids today. We went to Pizza Hut. Alex loves pizza. Too bad I didn't get a picture.


I love playing Bingo. I wish we had somewhere nearby where we could play.

I was in Ottumwa Iowa this past weekend. A lady named Pam Cherry was there, and she lives in your town in AZ. How crazy is that. I doubt you know her, but just wanted to tell you anyway. She is a nurse/Phd, and I believe she teaches there somewhere.

I'm glad he is feeling better.

Boyd loves pizza too!