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This past week was pretty low key. I went to a current events meeting on Tuesday and scrapbooked with Katie (I am still on September 2009). Wednesday Myra and Anya came over for dinner. Thursday was a trip to the dentist for both Gabe and me. Friday I went to a jewelry party with Carrie. Saturday Alex had his first haircut. We went Darryl and Michell's for dinner. Sunday we relaxed. This past week we spent a lot of time outside playing in our yard, taking walks, and going to the park. Alex would spend all day outside if we would let him.


I finished reading Mudbound by Hillary Jordan. It is pretty interesting.

I am almost finished with The Time Traveler's Wife. I like the ending of the movie better than book.

I have a lot to finish today, so I had better get going.


I got stuck on Time Traveller's Wife. I started it back in August and gave up on it because it was moving too slow. Just started back up with it a few weeks ago and finally it's started to move along. Same thing happened with Revolutionary Road. I'm hoping to restart that when I'm done with TTW.

Glad to hear you're scrapbooking project is coming along. I still have photos I need to work on from 2003! LOL!

That is a REALLY cute picture! Boyd would also spend all day outside if I let him. He says "outside" now....over and over and over. :)