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I managed to complete July 2009 in our yearly scrapbook. Only 5 months to go! Friday I went to a local scrapbook store with Johnna. There are several things that I will probably go back and purchase once I start to scrapbook our vacation.

Saturday Alex went to another Easter Egg hunt. He had just as much fun on this hunt as he did the first. He also really enjoyed the slides.



Monday I had lunch with some friends and after dinner, Gabe, Alex, and I went to the park. Alex loves both the swings and the slides. The weather here is great! We have been grilling out and going to various parks a lot. I think we might start eating dinner outside again.

Well, I quite a few more things to accomplish today before Gabe gets home. I guess I am going to add deleting spam from my blog to the list. I have around 600 pieces of spam to delete...fun, fun, fun. After I finish all of my computer work, I am going to move on to something a little more fun than deleting spam. I am going to work on planning our trip. Gabe and I try to plan it in the evenings, but we are both too tired and end up staying up too late. So, if I can get the majority of things figured out today it will be a good thing.


I really like how your playground has a cover! I would probably take the kids more often if our local playground looked like that!

Boyd had his first Easter egg hunt at school yesterday and he didn't really understand what to do. :)

It looks like Alex is an old pro. Cute pictures!

All of the playgrounds here have covers to block the UV. They are really nice.

Alex loves hunting eggs so much that he tosses the empty eggs around the room and then goes around with his bucket picking them up.

I hope you had a Happy Easter.

I have been bad at leaving comments lately.


I LOVE that first picture! What a cool playground!