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Things have been very busy here. We are doing the last minute preparations for Alex's birthday party tomorrow. I just posted several back entries. Make sure and check them out. You might need to click on both "September 2009" and "October 2009" in the sidebar to access all of them.

I also want to thank Nicolle over at Boyd's Crazy Momma. She sent Alex a lot of cute outfits to help get him through the summer. Yes, it is still summer here (it was 98 in the shade). I still think putting winter coats in stores is crazy this time of year in this location. Anyway, the warm weather is why we will be having Alex's party outside. I will have a lot of pictures later.


Looking forward to seeing the birthday pictures. I'm glad you like the outfits and can use them. It is so crazy that they don't stock the stores according to the climate! I will try to send you some of our Fall weather soon. :) It's been nice here.

So, how'd the party go? I plan on mailing Alex's birthday present out tomorrow, so make sure to watch for it!