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So much for relaxing after our trip to Vegas. On Sunday, we went to Oktoberfest. It was fun to walk outside and look at all of the booths. It was even more fun to eat the yummy German food.

A friend of mine, DD, and I are planning a fall party. We thought that it would be a fun way to meet some of the other Caterpillar people. Because of all of the things going on in October, we decided that early November would be a good time to have the party. So, on Friday, Alex and I headed over to her house to plan the party.

We have been relaxing at home today. We did go to Sam's to look at a few things and to buy a few things for Alex's party. Thursday we decided to have Alex a party on the 17th. So, we also ordered a cake with his picture on it. I am really excited to see how it turns out.