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Exciting Stuff

One (we have two) of our air conditioners was not working properly. So, I hung around the house all day Wednesday waiting on someone to fix it. Apparently it had been overcharged and was not draining properly. I guess it was an easy fix. Luckily, it is still under warranty.

Yesterday we went to Walgreens and Wal-Mart...very exciting stuff.

I finished The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. If it had not been for the book club, I would have quit after the first couple of chapters. That is saying something, because I generally finish a book once I start it (even if I don't like it). The father shoots Junior's dog in the head because he is sick and they can't afford to take him to the vet. That about did it for me, but I kept reading the book and it was actually pretty good. The book tells the adventures of Junior. He leaves the reservation to attend an all white school in a little town. My book club meeting is next week. It is the first one that I have been to out here, so I guess I will see how it goes.

We are going on vacation soon and I am really excited. I need to get packing. In preparation for our trip I am trying to deep clean every room (including closets). This also includes cleaning out every drawer.

Alex Reading.jpg
Alex reading a book.


YAY!!! VACATION!! I get to SQUEEZE Alex in less than a week!!!!! :)

I'm glad your a/c was an easy fix. That is not something you can live without in the summer!

Alex looks so cute reading his book! Enjoy your time to deep clean while he is still not fully mobile. It's VERY hard to do once he has full run of the house.

It will be so nice to come home to a clean house after vacation won't it!