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Unfortunately, your name

Here is a fun little thing you can do when you have a few extra moments...or just do it anyway :) The idea came from Corinne over at So September.

Go to google or your favorite search engine and type in Unfortunately, your name. So, I typed in Unfortunately, Stephanie and see what shows up. Here are some of mine.

Unfortunately, Stephanie is quite the catch but Eugene is a bit of a nerd.

Unfortunately, Stephanie did not have any hits in the U.S.A.

Unfortunately, Stephanie's website has been woefully neglected for the last 9 years, so this new and improved website is a welcome change!

Unfortunately, Stephanie has a bad habit of leaping first and looking later, and it seems that she has leapt right into a very dangerous situation.

Unfortunately, Stephanie is now broke and has to close the 24-hour Church of Elvis in Portland, OR.

Unfortunately, Stephanie always has a wet diaper.

Unfortunately, Stephanie's quail breast with lobster ravioli is marred by leeks that are both undercooked and unnecessary.

Unfortunately, Stephanie knew she didn't have enough energy to make it through the entire meal.

Unfortunately, Stephanie, when you use a cryptographic hardware device, it isn't possible.

Unfortunately, Stephanie isn't interested in Michael for he isn't a T-Bird.

Unfortunately, Stephanie cannot speak to me directly, as her phone has been stolen, but she is happy to converse by email

Unfortunately, Stephanie was slightly allergic.


Haha! I love it! Can I add on to your last one? Unfortunately, Stephanie is allergic to citrus and that makes Nicole very sad for Stephanie! :(

It makes me sad too!